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  Nival Interactive in US

Nival Interactive, being an international game developer and publisher, and the largest development studio in Eastern Europe, established its US headquarters.

"In a first ever move for an Eastern European game company, Nival Interactive, Inc. (www.nival.com), today announced it has established its global headquarters in the United States and recruited an executive management team comprised of American video game industry professionals, including Kevin Bachus, co-creator of Microsoft’s Xbox, as chief executive officer. The changes are part of the company’s plan to expand in the computer, video and mobile game markets by offering its partners superior products with global commercial appeal at a significantly lower production cost. The company’s new leadership based in Los Angeles, CA, is moving Nival beyond its dominance in the PC market, where it has developed 15 successful and profitable games over the past decade, into globally relevant, high quality console, video and mobile games and outsourced asset production. The company will combine proven U.S. creative and management resources with exceptional development talent in lower cost regions of the world. By using these “reverse outsourcing” techniques, the lead designers, art directors and programmers based in Los Angeles, along with the company’s 300 overseas developers in five development studios, assure Nival’s partners that the company’s products will rival those developed anywhere in the world. Further, the company is able to leverage its excess capacity to offer outsourcing work to its partners while simultaneously developing its own games in concert with leading worldwide game publishers. “During its ten year history Nival Interactive has already established itself as a highly praised developer of successful PC games. By marrying Western creative, production and management capabilities with Eastern execution skills and expertise, we will bring products to our partners that are high in quality and global commercial appeal, but low in risk,” said Kevin Bachus, CEO of Nival..."

from Press Release of Nival

For more information, visit the official site.
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