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  David Schaub Interview

VFXBlog has published an interview with David Schaub, Sony Pictures Imageworks animation supervisor, on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Here is a part of the interview:

The characters are quite amazing. Why do you think the characters are so successful in the film?

Well, I’d like to think they are the successful. I think it goes back to the idea that if they’re talking animals you make sure they don’t look caricatured. We’ve gone out on a limb and tried to make them as real as possible. The wolves, for example, need to have all the nuances and mannerisms that you see in real wolves, but timed in a certain way to support the dialogue. As soon as you start going too humanised, you’ve got a cartoon on your hands.

Then with the beavers - they are a little more stylised and human-like. They’re not really built like a beaver. If you look at real beaver anatomy, they’ve got very short arms and their bodies are essentially just a bag of fat, but we needed to do more with them. If you look at a beaver standing on his hind legs, it looks pretty strange. They’re got the short arms and balance on the ground with their tail, which means their upper body tetters in a very strange way. We took those liberties in design to make the beavers more human-like in their performance.

Check out the full interview in VFXBlog.
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