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  Annecy 2006

THE Animation reference
Annecy is the number one competitive international festival entirely dedicated to animation.
Over forty years after coming to the town, the Festival competition is now open to five categories: - short and feature films, - commissioned films, - TV films, - graduation films - and internet films presenting a diversity of techniques. The capacity to present and promote animation in all its different forms has made Annecy a world-wide point of reference for animation professionals.

Festival Q&A

Can I enter another episode of a series that was selected two years ago?


Can I enter my film in more than one category?

No, afraid not. You have to make a choice!

Can I get accreditation on the spot ?

You will be able to get accreditation on the spot, from the beginning of the Festival on 5 June :
- At the Festival hospitality area : " Festival " accreditation (55 euros), " Conferences + Festival " accreditation (140 euros).
- At the Imperial Palace Congress Centre : " Conferences + Mifa + Festival " accreditation (470 euros).

Can I have access to Mifa just for one day?

Yes, you can buy (on site only) a day pass, catalogue included for 180 €.

Can I send photos by e-mail?

Yes, in high resolution (300 dpi) and jpg format at: >>photo@annecy.org

Do I have accreditation if I submit a project in the International Project Competition ?

No, only creators of selected projects receive fre Festival accreditation and a day pass to Mifa.

Do I have to pay to enter my film?

No, registration is free, but you have to pay for both way transport of your film.

Do you accept NTSC videos?

Yes, we do, but only for selection, or on VHS or DVD.

I don’t work in animation, can I attend the screenings ?

There are different screening passes available to the general public.
Forms can be downloaded from the beginning of May or passes can be bought from the Bonlieu ticket office during the Festival.

If my film is selected, what is the deadline for sending the screening copy?

The date is 15th May 2005, but if we have to subtitle the film we will need it earlier.

Is it possible to see films outside of Festival screenings?

Only Mifa delegates and buyers have access to the Mifa digital video library.

When will the list of films chosen for the official selection appear?

It will published around 15 March.

Where can I go with my student accreditation ?

Strictly personal and non-transferable, the student accreditation gives access to Festival screenings and exhibitions, the conferences (except NPAR), the Creative Focus and Job Fair and the Chill Out, Institutional, New Technologies and Training Organizations areas at Mifa.
It also includes a one-day pass to the Mifa (exhibition marquee) worth 180 €, from the “Student”welcome desk (Bonlieu) and the different publications, which will be given on presentation of your badge.

Will I be invited to the Festival, if my film is selected?

It depends on the category. Check out the rules and regulations on the entry forms for films and internet films for more information.
>> Regulations

Will I have access to Mifa if I get a “Festival” accreditation?

You will not be able to get into the exhibition hall, but you will have access to the following: "Institutional", "Creative Focus", "New Technologies", "Training Organizations" and "Chill out".

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