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A new game studio, Hyboreal Games, has just been founded by Eric Sexton, Michio Okamura and Steven Woo, who are all former developers for Blizzard North. As their contribution to the legendary Diablo series is quite noteworthy, they are willing to continue their success on bestseller games. The studio profile especially mentions their interest in a PC-user target profile, with the beloved Blizzard like atmosphere.

You can reach the official site of Hyboreal Games Studio from here, and read the first press release of the company below:


Hyboreal Games Founded by Diablo® Developers and Former Blizzard Talents

San Carlos, CA (11/28/2005) – Hyboreal Games (www.hyboreal.com) announced today its formation as a new development studio. The company is establishing a new best-selling game franchise by applying the proven formula of mass accessibility, addictive game play and longevity through re-playability. Hyboreal Games was founded by Eric Sexton, Michio Okamura and Steven Woo, all industry veterans and former developers for Blizzard North where their contributions were essential to the success of the highly acclaimed Diablo franchise which has sold well over 13 million copies worldwide.

“We’re all excited to see such talented people starting up a new development company,” said Bill Roper, Chief Executive Officer of Flagship Studios. “It’s an excellent time for new companies with new ideas to make their mark in our industry. Based on their experience in developing the Diablo series, we’re looking forward to great things from Hyboreal Games.”

Michio Okamura is a veteran developer and artist responsible for designing Diablo himself. With over a decade of experience contributing art and game design as developer, and leadership as Creative Lead for Blizzard Entertainment, he has extensive knowledge on the development of AAA titles and highly lucrative franchises.

Eric Sexton is a Senior Game Designer with the vision to create innovative design and the ability to execute them into fun and meaningful game play. Over the past decade he has contributed to all aspects of game design and was responsible for key design elements ranging from quests, monsters and the numerous items that made the Diablo series of games so addictive.

Steven Woo, a Lead Programmer with nearly a decade in the industry, was responsible for coordinating the worldwide localization that was crucial in the hugely successful international release of Diablo II. Diablo II was the first game to implement support for Far East language input and Steven put this into Diablo II, World of Warcraft, and other games for Blizzard Entertainment.

About Hyboreal Games

HYBOREAL GAMES, a California corporation, is creating an original game franchise from conception to completion. The company has been founded by some of the most experienced and talented members in the PC gaming industry. Their work has been essential in all stages of the development of record-breaking games, giving them first-hand experience in making AAA titles.

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