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As release of King Kong Movie by Peter Jackson is coming up on 14th December, the game and original movie promotions accelerated. Original 1933 King Kong movie is released on DVD, with uncensored sceens and two-year period processed movie production. Although the original negatives of the original movie has vanished, the DVD production team worked on quality and originality of the movie in detail.

The game of King Kong, produced by Ubisoft, has also been released, where you can enjoy the story from both Kong and human point of view. As the Peter Jackson flavor in Kong tribute is being questioned, especially based on the adaptation of dinasors in the story, game is welcomed by the Kong fans.

Jackson decided to direct the Kong movie, based on his early memories of the original one. He told that he had become determined to create high budget technology involved movies while he had been watching the 1933 King Kong movie when he was a child. The trailer of movie certainly presents the feeling that he made sure of putting his best in his work one again.

If you want to have a preview of Jackson tribute, be sure to experience the Kong adventure by original movie DVD, and play the game. You can also follow up the latest news and events from the official sites:

Jackson Kong Movie
Official Game of Movie
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