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  Squel Frenzy

Team, presently producing Ice Age 2, announced that a sequel for the animated movie Robots is being considered. It sure will be fun to watch those wacky characters again.

20th Century Fox movie, Ice Age 2 will be coming soon. Information and trailer of the movie can be followed from the official site.


  Keep On Roaring

Dreamworks Animation announced the production of Madagascar sequel. Madagascar movie passed $500 million box office, and has become the most successful original movie of the company. Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett Smith will be voicing their characters in the sequel, and the movie will be produced by the same team.

  It's A Small World After All

Disneyland, Hong Kong theme park has been officially opened and ready to spread the joy. An opening ceremony was held in the park, introducing Disney heritage to Chinese tradition. Disney ambassadors representing all Disney theme parks were in the ceremony, from Hong Kong, Tokya, Paris and U.S.


  Bats on Broadway

Broadway has been producing hit musicals, based on the stories of popular animated movies like Beauty and the Beast and Lion King. Some reviewers name the situation as Broadway is stealing ideas form Disney.

While the musical views are being put, Broadway is continuing the productions by Tarzan. Producers also gave the hints of a new production on score, Batman. It is doubful though, how much adaptation of Batman on stage would be possible. One thing for sure, we will be seeing the results soon.

  Animation Capital?

Last June, the first China International Animation Festival was held in Hangzhou, capital of east China Zhejiang province. Following the festival, the government has released measures to build the area into an animation capital. Within a five-year plan period, investment calls on the area are being made, and China is announced to be a developing potential for animation.

The animation market in China is valued at 20 billion yuan, and the industry helps to promote development and sales of related products, too.

  Heads Up!

Be prepared for 2005 stop motion fall with Corpse Bride on September 23rd, Wallace and Gromit on October 7th....

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit has been released in Australia, and first reviews can be read on internet. Here is Steven Rowley's review.


  Want to Play a Game?

After the satisfying success of Jumanji in 1995, another one of Chris Van Allsburg children stories is being released as a fiction-adventure movie. Zathura is the story of two young brothers who are drawn into an intergalactic adventure when their house is magically hurtled through space. Jumanji (1995), The Polar Express (2004) showed the potential of Allsburg stories on children on screen, which will be continuing by the release of Zathura on September 11th. The movie will be featuring young actors Josh Hutcherson and Jonah Bobo as the adventurous brothers, as well as the breathtaking actor Tim Robbins as their dad.

Another movie on Allsburg filmography is also announced to be released in 2006, named Widow's Broom. Movie will be about the story of a widow, who finds a broom left by a witch in her garden.

Allsburg stories for children is also attracting people from any age, and continuing to be a huge series of interest. The series of movies differ from similar story based series by the fact that Allsburg stories was shot by different directors each time. A search for the permanent? Maybe...

  Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman Till 2008

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of the sensational series South Park, agreed on a contract extension with Comedy Central for three more years. Contract includes 14 new episodes each year.

Matt and Trey will be doing the writing, directing, voicing and everything, as they have been doing since the beginning of series. As the agreement cheered up South Park fans, Stone and Parker didn't give a clue about the story of upcoming episodes, which will be starting this October.

  Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

If you want to see a hint of the movie before you are stunned by it all, here you are:


  Cats Are In 3D, Again

Character Animation Technologies Ltd. released the second version of CAT (Character Animation Toolkit) software, which is being used in many studios as a favorite. CAT2 reviews from animation studios show that the software is improved and developed on important key animation issues. Considering the main problems and demands, CAT2 includes features such as:

  2005 Home Entertainment Awards

2005 winners for Home Entertainment Awards on animation and visual effects are:

Sell-Through Title of the Year from a Major Studio, THE INCREDIBLES, Buena Vista Home Ent.

Direct to Video/Limited Release of the Year from a Major Studio, MULAN II, Buena Vista Home Ent.

DVD Extras of the Year from a Major Studio, THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING (EXTENDED EDITION), New Line Home Ent.

DVD Extras of the Year from an Independent Studio, DAWN OF THE DEAD: ULTIMATE EDITION, Anchor Bay Home Ent.

Marketing Campaign of the Year from a Major Studio, THE INCREDIBLES, Buena Vista Home Ent.

Archival Title of the Year, STAR WARS TRILOGY, 20th Century Fox Home Ent.

Children's Title of the Year, BARBIE AS THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER, Lions Gate Home Ent.

Family Title of the Year, THE INCREDIBLES, Buena Vista Home Ent.


GameCube Video Game of the Year, MARIO PARTY 6, Nintendo Of America

PlayStation 2 Video Game of the Year, GRAN TOURISMO 4, Sony Computer Entertainment of America

Xbox Video Game of the Year, HALO 2, Microsoft Game Studios

  June Foray on Larry King

June Foray, who voiced many appealing characters such as Tweety's Granny, Sylvester, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Natasha Fatale, Mulan's Grandmother Fa, will be on Larry King Live on September 22nd.


  Planet Sketch Coming Soon...

Aardman Animation (Wallace and Gromit series, Chicken Run), teamed with Decode Ent. to produce "Planet Sketch", a new animated series aimed at kids 7-11. Series will present short sketches and episodes with kid situations and children concerns. Be sure to check out Planet Sketch's characters, by Aardman, which will be coming into our lives with Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit in theatres soon.

  China in Online Game Animation

China's growth in many markets became one of the most important headlines for the last year. Several theories about political strategies, many ideas about cultural spread, and loads of rumors about how this growth will continue...

One of the richest man on earth, Li Ka-shing, is a Chinese businessman. And he recently announced that he will be investing more than 2 billion RMB (Renminbi - Chinese yuan [1 yuan = 0.123804 USD]) on online game animation. His Holding's facilities will be in China, next to a huge toy production arena. With such investment and potential, Li Ka-shing will be a known address and label in online games very soon, for sure...

  Walt's House

Walt Disney's Apartment has been opened for online interactive tour. If you would like to know how he lived while sketching Mickey, Donald and more, take a look:

  Animation on Score

Music world welcomes more and more animated videos each day. We are used to seeing cartoon singers, or modern animation try outs on screen. One of the recent animated music videos which you can easily recognize among the animated video herd, is Sheryl Crow's Good is Good from the album Wild Flower. Check out the video if you can, where you will see smooth relaxing and somehow mesmerizing animation, presenting the general concept of album's art.

  Want More Spagetti?

Romance would never be the same again, since we all watched two dogs from different worlds eating pasta in a candle-lite dinner. Lady was gracious, Tramp was charming. Now, we have a second chance to watch this lovely couple in a more technology improved media.

Lady and the Tramp will be released on a Platinum Edition DVD, and early reviews are spreading. More formats of movie will be available, as well as never-before-seen scenes. 2 disc set will also include storyboard details and documentary of the production. DVD will be released on February 28th, 2006. Check more on: www.ultimatedisney.com
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