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  Lucas Goes HP

Lucasfilm Ltd. has agreed on a multi million dolar technology and marketing contract with HP, for three years.

Agreement states that Lucasfilm Ltd. will use HP Adaptive Enterprise solutions on video games, visual effects and animation as well as store and manage its business applications. Agreement was announced on August 24th, by all broadcasters as an important and high profile contract. HP authorities stated their satisfaction and pride on this agreement by stating: "Lucasfilm has become a leader of the digital revolution in entertainment by understanding how to use technology to push the limits of what is possible in filmmaking. For decades, film and broadcast companies have selected HP for its ability to deliver solutions that address their unique business and creative challenges, and we are excited to partner with Lucasfilm to create the next generation of entertainment."

HP also mentioned a close study to deploy a storage environment with Lucasfilm to securely store and archive critical business information, which arised the interest of all technology parties on the subject.

For more information, please visit www.hp.com
Blogging Baby Playdate: The week in review
It's that time of the week to look back on our week, and bring to your attention some of the stories that made this week so special.
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Blogging Baby Playdate: The week in review
It's that time of the week to look back on our week, and bring to your attention some of the stories that made this week so special.
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