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  10 Years Old Woody

Disney and Pixar coproduction, Toy Story will be released on DVD and UMD (Universal Media Disc, used in Sony-PSP) as the beloved animated movies 10th anniversary edition. The DVD and UMD will be available on September 6th.

Nice touch by both Disney and Pixar for a nice animation. Take your boots and space outfits out from your dusty closets. It is certainly time to go to infinity and beyond...

  Outer Space Friend is Back

Sequel, Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch has been released on DVD, as expected. Movie shows all Disney talent and classic approach, reminding us all the glory and magic of 2D animation.

The first version was a thrill to all Disney fans, and showed how an ugly and repulsive character could be loved by quite a number of viewers. Story was fun, Lilo and Stitch was one of the most compatible characters in movie business. And they are back to show more.

If you haven't watched the first movie, we strongly recommend to have it soon and prepare yourself for the continuing Disney adventure.

  Just Do It

Founder and board member of giant sports product Nike, Mr. Phil Knight has announced his studios, current Laika Entertainment to become and animation studio. Knight, who is 67 years old, has a son age of 31 working as an animator for some time. Knight's interest in film making was established by his buying studios previously, and is doubled by this latest animation related announcement. Knight has also named the company Laika, after the first dog's name, sent outerspace.

Laika's first animated picture is said to be prepared by 2006.

  Thunder Thunder Thundercats! Ho!

Remember the times when you used to watch armed big cats saving the day? Still talking about amiga games where you play thundercat characters with swinging swords? Then you will be pleased to hear that our old but furry friends are coming back.

Warner Bros. announced the pre-production of new Thundercats series, hopefully be ready by end of 2006. The series is told to be more modern and anime inspired mostly. What's more to expect?

  Flash Seizes Anime?

Japanese cartoon style, anime, is rapidly having more viewers and users on Flash. One of the latest and beautiful example is No Man's Land: The Flash Anime.

Seven Seas Entertainment has just released "No Man's Land: The Flash Anime," and you can watch the pilot episode at GoManga.com. Loading is worth waiting, as the anime has traditional Japanese style integrated successfully with Flash technique. The sound is loud though, so better turn down the volume, and enjoy...

  Best Animated Music

Mtv Video Music Awards was held in Miami yesterday, and winners of 2005 are announced...

Gorillaz won two awards: Breakthrough Video and Special Effects, by the song Feel Good Inc.

By the way, if you haven't yet, check out www.gorillaz.com which is one of the finest flash websites...

  Disney Scores Tarzan

With successful musical productions; Beauty and Beast, Lion King, Disney is ready to repeat the pattern on stage with Tarzan, based on 1999 movie. Score will be created by Phil Collins, who also had an Oscar for the song "You'll be in my heart" from Tarzan in 2000. News are upcoming, though no detailed information on casting yet... Broadway will welcome Tarzan on March 17th, 2006.

  Lucas Goes HP

Lucasfilm Ltd. has agreed on a multi million dolar technology and marketing contract with HP, for three years.

Agreement states that Lucasfilm Ltd. will use HP Adaptive Enterprise solutions on video games, visual effects and animation as well as store and manage its business applications. Agreement was announced on August 24th, by all broadcasters as an important and high profile contract. HP authorities stated their satisfaction and pride on this agreement by stating: "Lucasfilm has become a leader of the digital revolution in entertainment by understanding how to use technology to push the limits of what is possible in filmmaking. For decades, film and broadcast companies have selected HP for its ability to deliver solutions that address their unique business and creative challenges, and we are excited to partner with Lucasfilm to create the next generation of entertainment."

HP also mentioned a close study to deploy a storage environment with Lucasfilm to securely store and archive critical business information, which arised the interest of all technology parties on the subject.

For more information, please visit www.hp.com

  Disney presents a Pixar Film

Pixar Animation Studio made its first agreement for feature film agreement in 1991, with Walt Disney Pictures. Toy Story was the first animated movie considered within the agreement. In 1997, a renewed agreement was settled between the parties, presenting a mutual production and creation of five original animated movies, which would be distributed by Disney. Toy Story 2 was not one of these original movies, but first four came out as: A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles...

Fifth and last movie for this agreement is Cars, the new animated movie created by Pixar and presented by Disney. Release date for Cars was delayed by Pixar in 2004, which reminded the agreement issues and whether there was a formal problem inbetween. Pixar and Disney authorities just provided the information that the movie will be released on June 9th, 2006 as announced and there are no official conflicts.

Trailer for Cars can be seen on www.pixar.com

  Happy Happy Happy Tree Friends

Started with online episodes, then widen its fans via MTV, and finally having its half hour show on G4 soon.. Happy Tree Friends got their reputation of violence within cute for sure. G4 is coming up with a new night block called Barbed Wire Biscuit, which will feature the latest and greatest episodes of Happy Tree Friends&Friends, starting on August 30th. Check the guide on www.g4tv.com...

  Delightful Misunderstanding

2005 has become a year of Tim Burton fans with Burton's short stories and animated films online, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and finally Corpse Bride. As the release date approaches within a month, it is a common interest in the movie, Corpse Bride, whether it will give the least pleasure of legendary claymation Nightmare Before Christmast, or it will be shadowed by the legend. The previews and stoires show us though, Burton will be conquering his fans and more with his animated movie once again. Voice cast of Corpse Bride include Johnny Depp (whom we are accustomed to see with name Tim Burton), Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson, and other precious names. Burton's constant theme creator Danny Elfman is not only signing the original music for the movie, but also voicing one of the characters this time.

  A Fast Squid for Our Squad

Turbo Squid takes its earned place in 3D market by the line "a new dimension in 3D". The company is one of the widest libraries of 3D animation product and software sales. You can find many 3D models, tutorials, software, plugins, art and other artists in forum to exchange ideas. Web site, http://www.turbosquid.com/ , is rapidly becoming a meeting site for 3D animators. Whether you are a 3D person or not, have a look at the website for inspiration if nothing else.

  Want to Animate Whereever You Are?


  PlayFirst Uploads Again

As download statistics of all kinds of games from web are announced, most of gamers and producers are surprized to see Diner Dash in the first place. How could a flash based waitress chick could defeat the usual and popular classics? Answer was simple enough by John Welch (president and CEO of PlayFirst, veteran from AtomShockwave); they have been getting the highest number of users during the work week, and majority of sales on the weekends.

Boredom of working people and accelarating varieties of downloads keep supporting the flash based game market day by day. Diner Dash, Oasis are just a couple of perfect examples.

PlayFirst was formed in 2004 by Welch, Brad Edelman (vet. from Macromedia) and Jason Rubinstein (vet. from Ubisoft). Welch stated that as game market is moving to console, they are creating a new market in its place. Company names this new category of games as "games for rest of us".

PlayFirst recently doubled its success by signing a global licensing and distribution deal with fellow online video game publisher WildTangent. Both companies are expecting a log peak in a short time by this aggreement.

"Downloadable casual games market has grown to a $120 million industry in just four years and IDC predicts that it will expand to $760 million by 2007."
Animation Magazine, August 2005


Vanguard Animations (mostly known as company of the man who produced Shrek:)) has released Valiant, the pigeon we have all been waiting for. As the little pigeon, who is voiced by the gorgeous Ewan McGregor, starts his journey of seizing theaters, Vanguard Animations is showing of the company's potential animation burst by upcoming Happily N'ever After and Chet Gecko...

Fed up with Disney derived companies? Guess not :)

  Flash Professional 8

As Macromedia announced Studio 8, animation pals directly focused on new Flash applications and environment. Well... for now, we know that joining forces with Adobe has not been efficient as expected yet :) New Flash 8 seems to be weighed on video integration (which for sure will be reallyuseful and fun) rather than having wide range of drawing patterns and photoshop-like usage. Following up the news, we will be interacting with the new 8, soon... You can preorder from www. macromedia.com

  Camp Lazlo

Joe Murray, the brilliant animator of emmy winner series Rocko's Modern Life, presented his new series of great animation: Camp Lazlo. Familiar lines, unique looks and funny stuff again for sure... Stongly recommended :)
Web framestrip.blogspot.com

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